In early spring of 2020 coronavirus spread in many European countries. On March 11, the government of North Macedonia announced the closure of all schools. Confucius Institute at SS Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje combined with its own actual situation and on the basis of an earlier plan, changed on the same day all courses to online teaching. Chinese teachers can communicate with students at “zero distance” and “face-to-face” at any time through the live broadcast function. After class, students can watch the video recorded in the class on repeat, and combine the teaching resources used in the class to learn and review independently. Online teaching has entered the fourth week and teachers and students are increasingly adapting to the new teaching format.

Before the suspension of the offline courses, the Confucius Institute provided teaching platform resources for all teachers. Also provided special guidance for teachers. Teachers prepared lessons carefully and everyone started online lessons by means of video conferencing and PPT recording. From reviewing lessons and explaining knowledge points, to correcting students’ Chinese pronunciation by sending audio and answering various questions from students. Everyone’s satisfaction with Chinese online courses is increasing, and the attendance rate of students is constantly rising. Many students said that it is more convenient to take classes online. Under such special circumstances, it is very grateful to still be able to learn Chinese normally.

Although there will be some difficulties in the process of online classes, teachers and students are still exploring together the best class mode. No classes are suspended, everyone is trying to minimize the impact of the epidemic on Chinese learning.

All the teachers and students of the Confucius Institute expressed: “We all hope from now that everyone and every country can unite and overcome the epidemic together”.