On June 21, 2019, the Confucius Institute at St. Cyril’s and Methodius University held a pep rally for the Chinese Bridge Competition. Professor Liao Wei, the Chinese President of the Confucius Institute, and Prof. Vlatko Stoilkov, Dean of the North Macedonian Institute presided over the meeting. Yin Can, the first Chinese place in the North Macedonia Division, the second place, Annecia and Confucius Institute teachers, attended the meeting.



Prof. Liao Wei and Professor Vlatko Stoilkov first congratulated the two players on their successful promotion, and affirmed and recognized the performance of the two players in the competition, and wished Yin Can to achieve excellent results In the finals. And wished the two players to meet good teachers and make good friends in China and lay a solid foundation for the future of Chinese learning. Subsequently, Yin Can and Annecia introduced their respective situations and the difficulties encountered at the current stage. Finally, the Confucius Institute teacher introduced the schedule and rules of the finals in detail, answered questions about the players at the current stage, and gave positive suggestions for the preparation of the competition, the participants said that they would carefully prepare to achieve good results. The meeting ended in a relaxed and harmonious atmosphere.