On May 22, 2019, in order to strengthen multilateral cooperation, improve the quality of Confucius Institutes, and expand the scale of Confucius Institutes, Professor Liao Wei, the Chinese Dean of the Confucius Institute at St. Cyril’s Methodius University accompanied the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of SWUFE, Zeng Daorong and a group of seven went to the 7th Engineering Bureau of China’s Water Resources and Hydro power to conduct exchanges, visits and study. Also present at the symposium were Chen Dengliang, the supervisor of the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the 7th Engineering Bureau of China’s Water Resources and Hydro power, and Dai Xiangzhong, director of the Engineering and Technology Department, and a total of 12 staff members.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, the symposium was officially started in the conference room of the 7th Engineering Bureau of China’s Water Resources and Hydro power. Chen Dengliang, an inspector of the Discipline Inspection Commission, presided over the meeting. He first expressed a warm welcome to the arrival of the SWUFE and the Confucius Institute at St. Cyril Metodi University, and introduced the participants to the meeting; next, the director of the engineering and technology department, Dai Xiangzhong, gave a detailed introduction on the country profile, project briefing, mutual aid and co-construction; the next three parties on how to work in other countries, A detailed discussion was held on topics such as the establishment of Chinese teaching points. Dean Liao Wei also exchanged views with Kichevo to open a new teaching point. The meeting ended in a warm and harmonious atmosphere. Finally, the deputy secretary of the Party Committee of SWUFE pointed out that China’s strength is inseparable from the hard work of foreign units. At the same time, while working, you can actively integrate into the local society and use your own strength to assist people in need and gain high praise and recognition. I hope that in the future work, you can continue to maintain and demonstrate China’s strength.

This seminar is the first time that our institute has held three-party talks with SWUFE and China’s Seventh Water Resources and Hydro power Engineering Bureau, which is conducive to the three parties to strengthen exchanges and common progress. It is also conducive to our institute to go deep into North Macedonia, understand its national conditions and expand Chinese language teaching. Scale and promote Chinese culture.