Wing Chun is a Chinese traditional martial art. It is a technology to stop the invasion. It is a positive and streamlined legitimate defense system and a legal use of force. Compared with other traditional Chinese martial arts, it is more focused on subduing opponents as soon as possible to minimize the damage of the parties.

Wing Chun is based on the theoretical basis of “middle line theory” and has a distinctive Nanquan boxing technique, emphasizing the use of correct concepts, consciousness and ways of thinking to derive flexible application of limbs; its content mainly includes “small thoughts””Seeking bridge” and “index”, etc., the main practice is the “hands-on” and “squatting” of the two-pair practice; auxiliary equipment has wall sandbags, Samsung piles, etc.; training equipment has wooden piles, knives, sticks, etc. .

On November 11, 2014, the Wu Chun Boxing project declared by Fuzhou City, Fujian Province was the fourth batch of representative projects of national intangible cultural heritage . On June 8, 2017, the nationalIntangible Cultural Heritage project Wing Chun was officially stationed at the Fujian Police College.