On October 6, 2018, teachers and volunteers of the Confucius Institute at Ss. Cyril and Methodius University were invited to the Vero Jumbo Center in Skopje to participate in the Tea Culture Festival.

The cultural exhibition began at 11am. Liao Wei, the Chinese dean of the Confucius Institute delivered a speech. He introduced the basic situation of the Confucius Institute and invited Macedonian people to experience and learn Chinese.

In the performance session, a Chinese student from Nova International School brought a guzheng solo ‘New Song of Dongting’ to everyone. The melodious sound was fascinating, attracting many people to appreciate and applaud for the performance.

Then, Xiaofang Guo performed calligraphy and the passers-by were all attracted and sought a piece of her writing. Lijie Zhang showed paper-cutting which appealed to the kids, especially for facial makeup and the Chinese character Chun. People stopped to learn from time to time. Jinghan Qiu performed art of tea making, which is of great elegance and indicates peaceful Chinese philosophy. Yingjuan Wu made Chinese knot and presented them to guests at the scene.

The Confucius Institute further promoted Chinese culture through this exhibition and got a well-received response from the local folks. We will continue our work.

(By Jiahui)